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Pay as You Go Workers Comp Policy

Need a workers comp policy but can't afford the enormous outlay of capital just to secure the deposit? Then a Pay As You Go workers comp policy is what you need. With no deposit, and premiums based off your current payroll — not a projected payroll, a Pay as You Go policy is a smart, affordable solution.

  • No large lump sum payments to worry about
  • The workers comp premium is bundled in each payroll, based upon the actual payroll
  • Workers Comp Certificates can be generated on the day requested

Pay as You Go is the Smart Solution

As the most affordable entry into a Workers Comp policy, Pay as You Go makes sense. Combined with a payroll solution managed by professionals that eases your everyday responsibilities, what could be better? Call today to speak with one of our payroll specialists and ask them about Pay as You Go payroll. It's the smart solution.


"For a payroll specialist, call (800) 999-9672 or (941) 756-1700 or fax (866) 358-6834."







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With Payroll USA, Inc., your Internet payroll remains completely confidential. Password protection, data encryption, firewalls and automatic input confirmation ensure only authorized personnel can access your company's payroll information.


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Complete payroll with tip reporting perfect for hotels and restaurants.

Ideal solution for small to medium sized offices-- pay as-you-go, no money down workers compensation.

Need a comp policy in a hurry? Need certified payroll and job cost?

Call (800) 999-9672

Access your payroll information when you need it from anywhere, anytime. Accountants and attorneys can increase revenue without start-up costs.



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