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FAQ - How Do I Get Started with Payroll USA II, Inc.?




How do I get started in an ASO arrangement?


Getting started with Payroll USA II, Inc. is very easy. Whether you submit the set up online or with the assistance of a representative at (866) 999-9672, you will find the process easy.


Step 1

For faster sign-up, have the following payroll records:

  • Quarterly earnings record for the previous calendar quarters.
  • Employee year-to-date, quarter-to-date, and current-quarter payroll totals.
  • Payroll registers for the current year.
  • Tax summaries.
  • List of types of earnings. (salary, hourly, OT, bonus, commission, etc.)
  • List of type of deductions. (health, dental, disability, 401k, loans, union dues, etc.)

Step 2

We will enter the payroll records information and will immediately issue you a user login and password to enter payroll online.

  • Our representative will train on how to transmit payroll information online.
  • Train you on how to access payroll reports online.
  • We will send you a "Pre-Process Payrol Report.
  • We will give password to your employees so they can access their personal payroll files.

Step 3

The Process is really simple. You're done!


Call us for a Payroll Service Quote.

Outsourcing payroll responsibilities is a common practice. If you have 10 or 1000 employees, we can help you reduce your cost of doing payroll. Give us a call or email for a comparative cost analysis at no charge or obligation.